Makoman Industries makes Custom Shark Themed Furniture

Bobby at the beachMakoman Industries, is a Naples, FL based company that manufactures custom made Shark themed furniture, using a dozen different craftsman in the state of Florida, USA. Presently we make 3 types of chairs and 2 types of tables, all with the Mako Shark look.

The Mako Shark heads are made from fiberglass and resin; the same way that a boat is made. They are not made from plastic! They are then painted in the same process as an expensive Italian race car. The heads, as well as the vinyl upholstery comes in any imaginable color. Makoman chairs are produced with marine quality vinyl that features advanced Permablok vinyl protection that is UV stabilized pigment, mildew, and superior stain resistance.

me in black chair3

Your corporate logo can be printed directly on a special vinyl and the shark heads can be airbrushed to match.

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A donation will be made in your name to one of many save the shark foundations listed below:

Shark Savers    Shark Angels    Save Our Seas